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Attractive glass fencing in Penrith

Glass is a timeless material, which offers the perfect balance between visibility and protection. At Panther Glass, we’ve been providing our residential and commercial customers with custom glass fencing and balustrades for over 25 years. Just let us know what you’re looking for or ask a member of our team for advice on designs, colours, and textures. 
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Attractive and safe
Glass balustrades are an elegant solution for staircases, balconies, or terraces and glass fencing is often used around swimming pools. Swimming pools are a popular feature in many homes but they can also be a safety risk, especially when there are children around. 

Installing a glass fence can help your swimmers to avoid accidents without diminishing the appeal of the pool. It'll help you meet safety requirements and aesthetic demands at the same time. 
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Benefits of glass fencing
  • Aesthetics. Wood or metal fences can obstruct the view while glass panels give you full visibility. Despite their delicate look, glass panels are exceptionally strong. They can endure rain, snow, wind, and other harsh weather conditions.
  • Installation. Installing glass fencing is easy and you can pick whatever length you desire. You can also choose between a frameless or semi-frameless installation. Our glass fencing can be fixed on concrete, in the ground or even on decking. 
  • Safety. Whether you’re a business or a homeowner, installing a fence around your pool area is an essential safety measure. A quality fence can reduce the likelihood of drowning and decrease potential liability to home or business owners. 
  • Cost. High-quality glass fencing only costs a fraction of the price of traditional materials like aluminium or wood.
  • Care. Glass pool fencing is very low-maintenance and only requires occasional cleaning with water and detergent. 

At Panther Glass, we can provide you with various balustrade and glass fencing designs to suit your style, safety requirements, and budget.
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Are you looking for attractive glass fencing in Penrith? Call 02 4722 2787 today to find out more.

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